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Founded in 1990, AK&M Information Agency is a leading independent provider of Russian real time political, economic, financial and stock market news and comprehensive data on Russian Capital Markets.

More than 2000 clients rely on AK&M information services in their everyday work. Among them Russian Government, Administration of the President, Russian Central Bank, Federal Commission for the Securities Market, Ministry of Finance, domestic and international investment companies and banks.


AK&M-List Comprehensive Russian Capital Markets Database

Today AK&M-List is the leading source of information on the Russian equity, debt, financial and promissory notes markets. Unique in data coverage, extensiveness of history (since 1993) and data quality, AK&M-List features in user friendly way information on:

  • more than 3500 Russian public companies - detailed information, history of corporate actions and dividends, production figures and balance sheets, share-holders' meetings results and annual reports;
  • over 800 professional stock market participants banks, investment companies and broker / dealers;
  • OTC market - more than 12000 quotations daily;
  • exchange market - information from more than 10 trading floors;
  • state and municipal bond trading;
  • daily market turnover;
  • Russian and world stock indices, exchange rates, bank rates;
  • Promissory Notes market - quotations from more than 300 operators;
  • stock market news - reports from AK&M own correspondents, as well as digests from more than 20 Moscow and 80 regional publications.


AK&M On-line News -

is the most efficient source of political, economic, financial and stock market news.AK&M online news includes more than 300 news stories a day, acting in a mode of real time:

  • key political and economic news:
  • regulatory news and changes in legislation;
  • corporate news;
  • reports on Russian public companies activities;
  • news from investment institutions;
  • monitoring of OTC and exchange markets;
  • up-to-the-minute interviews with Russian and Western specialists;
  • news on Russian ADRs/GDRs;
  • digests of Moscow and regional press;
  • Russian and world stock indices.


Analytical Bulletin Russian Economy Sectors: Production, Finances, Securities

The bulletin is issued once a week and cover five sectors of the Russian economy:
  • machine-building;
  • oil and gas production and refinery;
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy;
  • electric power;
  • telecommunications.


The reports contain overall economic review of the sectors, the research of the leading companies in the sector, digest of industry news, analysis and forecasts on the stock market of the sector.


AK&M Stock Indices

In September of 1993, when the second stock market had just begun to develop, AK&M began calculating the first stock indices on the Russian market: AK&M Composite Index , AK&M Bank and Industrial Indices. AK&M indices are the well-known benchmarks for evaluating the overall condition and tendencies for growth of the stock market, as well as the individual stocks.

In 1994, nine industrial indices were added to AK&M family of stock indices. AK&M indices are widely used by both Russian and foreign investment institutions, and published in economic media as well as in international business and financial information systems, such as Reuters, Bloomberg, and others.


Mergers and Acquisitions Market bulletin

It includes announcements to sell large and controlling stakes in various companies and the detailed information on companies to be sold - authorized capital, requisitions, financial position, stock issues, current situation.



To find out at one glance, which broker - dealer is trustworthy or which stock is more attractive, have a look at AK&M quarterly ratings. Vast number of market experts' opinions are taken to account to let you know who's on top today.

Since 1994, AK&M has been taking quarterly polls of the stock market specialists in order to achieve an accurate rating of Russian public companies, as well as of registrars (register-holders and depositories) and broker / dealer companies.


Ratings of Stock Market Activity

Stock market activity is rated according to information that was provided by registrars concerning numbers of registered shares.

AK&M has agreements with many register holders which provide data on the volumes of reregistered shares, thus it makes available unique information on the market activity and the trade volumes. Published monthly.


Who's Who on the Russian Stock Market Directory

The directory was published for the first time in October of 1995 and immediately attracted the attention of specialists.

The detailed information is provided on:

  • Russian public companies;
  • stock market professional participants;
  • registrars;
  • the media;
  • stock exchanges and other trading floors;
  • state and social organizations;
  • specialists working on the Russian stock market.


If you need more information on AK&M services or interested in a free trial, please contact us by
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